The Beneduce Method

Handcrafted Fitness to Conquer Life

John Beneduce’s Life Mission

“Heroes are not born, they are crafted. I handcraft the health and fitness of every athlete based on their goals, strengths, weaknesses, limitations and personality. I strive to improve the lives of everyone I come into contact with, using historical methods and principles in the modern world. I draw on my degrees in history and psychology and take the lessons of the past to help my clients become a more powerful version of themselves and reveal the greatness that lies within!”

-John Beneduce, Martial Artist, Athlete and Coach

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My Physical Transformation

My transformation started in 1998 when I was tipping the scales at over 265 pounds and barely fitting into a pair of Size 42 jeans. When I went off to college, I decided to take responsibility for my health and made a commitment to lose weight. After 14 hard months of weight lifting, intense workouts, martial arts and cleaning up my diet, I had lost almost 100 pounds.

That’s where most people’s stories end, but this was just the beginning of an epic journey for me. I began competing in martial arts and only 4 years after starting on his journey, I became a professional mixed martial arts fighter. It is easy to lose weight, but much harder to have the will power and determination to keep it off for good. I understand these struggles myself from personal experience.

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